Extra Curricular Activities

Intercultural hosts a selection of extra Curricular activities that take place after the school day during Extended Day. These activities are taught by third party providers, but they take place in Intercultural’s safe, familiar, and convenient school environment with the supervision of our staff. Extra Curriculars are offered in 8 to 10 week sessions in the fall, winter, and spring of each academic year. To sign up for these activities, contact the extracurricular provider directly.

Chicago Campus Extra Curricular Activities

The Chicago extracurricular activities take place on the following days:
Mondays: Pocket Circus  (Begins Oct. 2)
Mondays:  Green Explorers    (Begins Oct. 2)
Tuesdays: Matisse Monet and Me  (Begins Oct. 3)
Wednesdays:  Chicago City Soccer Club (Begins Oct. 4)
Thursdays: Chess Club (Begins Oct. 5)
Thursdays:  Martial Arts  (Begins  Oct. 5)
Fridays: Robot City Workshop (Begins  Oct. 6)
Fridays: Brooklyn Boulders (Begins Oct. 6)
MondayFriday: Private Piano with San-Nan Chen (Begins  Oct. 2 )
MondayFriday: Private Piano with Hiroko Nagahata   (Begins   Oct. 2  )
TuesdayFriday: Private Guitar & Ukulele with Brian Riggs (Begins Oct. 3 )
Monday and Friday: Private Violin with Wan-Lin  (Begins Oct. 2)

Oak Park Campus Extra Curricular Activities

Mondays –Yoga for Kids    (Classes begin October 2nd)
Tuesdays – Chess Scholars (Classes begin October 3rd)
Wednesdays Matisse, Monet & Me  (Classes begin October 4th)
Thursdays  –  No Programs
Fridays- Pocket Circus (Classes begin October 6th)