Elementary, Intercultural Montessori Chicago Campus

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March 25, 2016

Don Quixote and Paulo Freire 
Temporary Classroom Relocation Due to School improvements

Dear Parents,

As you are aware, we are continuing our construction process at the Chicago Campus. The scope of our construction project includes a new second floor scheduled for completion by the end of spring 2016, and further construction on the first floor to accommodate our growing student population.

We have entered a peak period of construction work in these last few weeks. Starting next week on Tuesday, March 29th, our contractor will be able to move ahead with the installation of a bathroom suite between the Paulo Freire and Don Quixote classrooms. The bathroom suite will take approximately two to three weeks to complete.

To avoid disruption of the school environment, the construction work will be taking place in the evening when the students are not at school. However, it will be necessary to temporarily relocate the Don Quixote and Paulo Freire classroom environments beginning Tuesday, March 29th.

Beginning Monday, March 28th after the school day is over, teachers and staff will work to move classroom furniture and materials into the gym, where the classroom environments will be replicated as closely as possible. Classes will meet in the gym for the remainder of the construction period. When the bathroom suite is complete, the Paulo Freire and Don Quixote communities will be returned to their regular classrooms.

Our administration staff will be working closely with all the teachers and students to help make this temporary relocation as smooth as possible. We appreciate your patience while we continue to grow our wonderful new space.


Edina McGivern

Executive Director
Intercultural Montessori Language School