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8th Annual Intercultural Montessori Walk-A-Thon!
September 11, 2014

We are excited to tell you that the 8th annual Intercultural Montessori Walk-A-Thon will be held on Saturday, October 25, 2014 from 9:30 am – 2:00 pm! Please save the date!


Purpose of the Walk-a-thon


First, and foremost, is to have the entire school community work together in support of Intercultural and enjoying a day spent with each other! Second, is to raise money for Montessori materials that could not have otherwise been purchased. 


2014 Goals


All proceeds to be given to Intercultural Montessori Language School for various items for classrooms, additional activities for children and standard school operation costs.


This Year’s Target: $15,000.


Pledge and Money Collection


The task of obtaining pledges and then collecting the money is the responsibility of both the students and their parents/guardians.  Only one pledge form is needed for each Intercultural family. We strongly urge parents to support and supervise their children while they collect pledges. We would appreciate one (1) check for the whole amount pledged made payable to Intercultural Montessori.


We look forward to all our participants having a great time! For questions or concerns, or to volunteer, call Daisy Loeza at 708-848-6626 or by email


Please see the attached forms related to the walk-a-thon fundraiser.


 Family Pledge Sheet


 Volunteer Form


More information to come as we get closer to the event.


Thank You for your support.