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Intercultural is a Dual-Language Montessori School

for students age 2 through the 8th Grade. 

Our unique program combines dual-language education with the Montessori approach. We develop global citizens ready to succeed in the multicultural, multilingual world of the future. 

Montessori Education

Dual-Language Education

The Intercultural Community

The success of our program is grounded in Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy of education and the discovery of the very young child’s special sensitivity to language, which enables children to absorb a new language effortlessly and naturally during the first six years of life. During these crucial developmental years the child tends to learn most effectively not through conventional teaching means, but by absorbing information through activity within the environment to which they are exposed.  The focus on critical thinking and time management skills that are cultivated during the lower, upper and middle school years helps students grow in knowledge, self-confidence and intrinsic motivation.  Intercultural graduates are prepared for the academic rigors of high school and are uniquely poised to make a positive impact in the multicultural, multilingual world of the future.

About Our School

501(c)3 Non-Profit
84% of our staff speak 2 or more languages
Montessori Teachers are Careful Observers
9:1 Student Teacher Ratio
Established in 2005
3 Target Languages
Our student demographics

We love Intercultural because it has exposed our daughter to the world! We speak Spanish and Italian at home, but chose Chinese to give her a new challenge. The staff fosters children’s natural curiosity and desire to learn every day, and the Montessori philosophy creates a stimulating environment to keep children excited and challenged. We have truly seen our daughter blossom, and we are extremely happy to be part of the Intercultural Community!

Berta Family