About Us

Intercultural Montessori is a unique, dual-language Montessori school for children ages 3-14. In a carefully prepared Montessori environment, children learn to speak, read, and write in both English and their choice of a second language. Intercultural offers programs in Spanish/English, Japanese/English, or Chinese/English for primary and elementary students. Our goal is to create global citizens who are fully prepared to thrive in our increasingly multi-cultural world. In addition to becoming bi-lingual and bi-literate, our children demonstrate academic excellence, confidence, compassion, a collaborative spirit, and a lifetime love of learning. We strive to bring out the best in your child, supporting them in their social, emotional, intellectual, and physical growth.

Intercultural is a pioneer in developing this unique Montessori/Language educational blend. Our 30 years of experience has proven this method’s effectiveness, and it is now used by many schools throughout the country and around the globe.

We have a vibrant, multicultural community of families. our student population reflected the following diverse make-up:

Two or More Races  33.7%
Caucasian                  30.8%
Asian                           21.3%
Latino                         7.6%
African American      6.7%

We offer parent education events where we share our knowledge of the Montessori method of education to facilitate smooth transitions between home and school, to help parents support their children’s education at home, and to foster mutual respect between parents and children. The school aspires to be, in Maria Montessori’s phrase, “la casa dei bambini,” a genuine home for the children and their families.

In addition to our wonderful community of families, the school has attracted an exceptional, multicultural faculty. Our Japanese teachers are natives of Japan. The Spanish teachers come from Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and other Central or South American countries. Our Chinese teaching staff hails from Mainland China and Taiwan.

All of these factors come together to produce a wonderful and supportive school community. We invite you to get to know Intercultural. Learn more about Montessori, language immersion, our educational programs, or plan a visit to one of our two campus locations.