Heping is a Chinese Mandarin/English elementary class at Intercultural Montessori Chicago campus. Its name means Peace. Maria Montessori felt that children allowed to develop according to their inner laws of development would give rise to a more peaceful and enduring civilization. She received a total of six nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize. “Preventing conflicts is the work of politics; establishing peace is the work of education.” – Maria Montessori


Wesley Schaff Elementary Teacher, English
Mr. Wesley is originally from Wilmette, Illinois.  He received a dual degree in math and education from Marquette University.  After finishing college, Mr. Wesley moved to Chicago and taught for Chicago Public Schools for three years.  He is currently in the process of completing his lower and upper elementary Montessori certification.  Mr. Wesley joined Intercultural's staff in 2016.  As an elementary teacher, Mr. Wesley encourages independence and seeks to help students find what they are passionate about.  "Within the child lies the fate of the future." Maria Montessori.
Xiaomin Fei Elementary Teacher, Chinese Mandarin
Mr. Xiaomin Fei is originally from Liaoning, China and has been living in the United States for two years in Pennsylvania and Chicago. Mr. Xiaomin received his Bachelor in English Teaching and Master’s Degree in translation from Shenyang Normal University in China. Mr.Xiaomin is in the process of completing his Montessori certification for children 6-12 years through the Center for Guided Montessori Studies (CGMS). In China, he taught elementary language for two years and worked as an English translator. This is his second year to work in Intercultural Montessori as a lead Chinese teacher in the Heping Community. He is a passionate teacher who takes it upon himself to always give each student the attention they need. He prides himself in facing all challenges with a positive attitude and hopes that this will be an example for his students to follow.
Katherine Ackerman Elementary Teacher
Ms. Katherine (also known by her Chinese name Xiaomao) was born in Pennsylvania. She moved to China as a young child and grew up speaking both Chinese and English. She moved back to the United States from China in 2017. She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management and a Master’s degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from Shenyang Normal University. Currently, Ms. Xiaomao is in the process of obtaining her Montessori certificate from the Center for Guided Montessori Studies. Ms. Xiaomao started teaching Chinese at Intercultural in 2017. Before coming to Intercultural, she had worked for two years as a university language instructor and two years as the lead language teacher in a multilingual school for primary and elementary aged children. Xiaomao believes that all children have the potential for greatness and she strives to empower them, as well as guiding them to become caring and independent global citizens. In her free time, Xiaomao enjoys cooking and learning about different places and cultures.