Mariposas Monarca

Mariposas Monarca is a Spanish/English primary class at Intercultural Montessori Chicago campus. Mariposas Monarca are the most beautiful butterflies and considered the “king” of the butterflies, hence the name “monarch”. There are lots of very cool things to learn about the monarch butterfly.Mariposas Monaca integrates transformation, strength, beauty and independence, within the community. In addition, promoting each individual to enhance and strengthen their individual needs by creating an environment that will foster independence.Providing a rich environment in which the individual can have the opportunity to enhance consistency and reach potential.


Marlene Galvez Lead Teacher
Ms. Marlene is originally from Santa Ana, El Salvador and has been living in Chicago for 12 years. Ms. Marlene received her Bachelor’s degree in Legal Sciences from Universidad Evangelical of El Salvador. Ms. Marlene completed her Montessori Early Childhood Certification from the American Montessori Society through Seton Montessori Institute, and she is currently in the process of getting her Association Montessori International Elementary Diploma through the Montessori Institute of Milwaukee.  Ms. Marlene has worked with young children in various capacities for more than 12 years and brings Intercultural her passion for Montessori education. She is also an Intercultural parent as her daughter is currently in the Paulo Freire elementary classroom. Ms. Marlene joined Intercultural Montessori in 2017. She enjoys working with children because of their wonder and joy in learning something new. In her spare time, she loves to bake and visit national parks.
Lesly Anel Hernandez Guerrero Lead Teacher
Ms. Lesly Hernandez is originally from Oaxaca, Mexico and she has been living in the United States for 4 years in Chicago. She has a Bachelor degree in Foreign Languages from Universidad del Valle de Puebla, Mexico. Ms. Lesly has been working with children of 3-6 years old for the past six years. She is very excited to start her third year working as an assistant teacher at Intercultural Montessori School. Ms. Lesly is in the process of completing her Montessori certification for children 3-6 years through Seton Montessori Institute. She loves the Maria Montessori philosophy, her favorite quote is, “What the hand does the mind remembers”.