Yu Ying

Yu Ying is a Chinese Mandarin/English primary class at Intercultural Montessori Chicago campus. In Mandarin, the phrase connotes the nurturing of talents and potential.


Yu Zhao Co-teacher, Chinese Mandarin
Ms. Yu is originally from Inner Mongolia, China and moved to the United States in 2012. Language arts has always been Ms. Yu’s passion, so she pursued her Bachelor’s degree in Chinese Language and Literature from Jinan University in China and received a Master’s degree in TESOL/Applied Linguistics from American University in Washington, DC. Ms. Yu joined Intercultural Montessori in 2014 and had been leading Yu Ying class since 2015. She completed her early childhood (3-6) Montessori training in 2017 through Center of Guided Montessori Study, and she strives to deepen her understanding of child development and Montessori approach through continuous reflection on her teaching practices and professional development opportunities such as Montessori conferences, workshops, and observations of other schools and classrooms. In a carefully prepared learning environment that supports children’s developmental needs, Ms. Yu seeks to develop culturally literate children and nurture their sparks of curiosity, creativity, and intelligence.
Shuang Yang Co-teacher, Chinese Mandarin
Ms. Shuang is originally from China and has been living in the United States for five years. She received her Bachelor of Art’s degree in English from the Changchun University of Technology. She also earned her Montessori Teaching Certification for children 3-6, from Seton Montessori Institute. Before receiving her Montessori certification, Ms. Shuang worked as a public school teacher in China for five and a half years. Ms. Shuang joined Intercultural as a co-teacher in 2016. As a teacher with a strong understanding of Montessori Philosophy, she promises to “follow the child.” Her favorite Dr. Maria Montessori quote is, “Free the child’s potential; you will transform him into the world.”