Xile is a Chinese Mandarin/English primary class at the Oak Park campus. The name means joy in Chinese. Ms. Siyu hope that their students discover a joy of learning that will last a lifetime.


Zhijan Chen Lutz Lead Teacher, Chinese Mandarin
Ms. Si Yu joined Intercultural Montessori in 2009. She came to Intercultural with a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from Guang Xi University in Nanning, China. She became interested in teaching through her church community school, where she worked for two years teaching students aged 4 - 7 years. In 2014 she completed her Montessori certification for students aged 3-6. Ms. Si Yu loves to work with children and is committed to the Montessori approach to education. Those of you who have the pleasure of knowing Ms. Si Yu will have already appreciated her warm and nurturing nature. She creates a wonderful classroom environment in which her students learn and thrive. She takes great pride in being an instrumental part of her students’ growth.