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Our students are taught a full curriculum in two languages within classroom environments specifically designed for their developmental needs.


The individualized and child-centered approach of the visionary educator, Dr. Maria Montessori, allows students to move at their own pace through the curriculum. This method develops focused, confident learners who take on new challenges with enthusiasm! 

Our carefully prepared Montessori classroom environments nurture students desire to learn, and our experienced teachers guide students to explore new topics. Intercultural students demonstrate academic excellence, confidence, compassion, and an intrinsic desire to learn.

Dual Language

Students learn to speak, read, and write in Chinese, Japanese or Spanish, as well as English. Thanks in part to the many neurological benefits of language learning, our students consistently demonstrate high levels of academic achievement. 

Intercultural’s international teaching staff is comprised of Montessori certified, native speakers, dedicated to celebrating culture in the classroom.  Our students are curious about the world and skilled at navigating culturally diverse environments.

Our students emerge bilingual, biliterate, and academically prepared for the rigor of high school and beyond!

We offer programs for early childhood, elementary, and middle school students. In keeping with Montessori practices, students are placed in multi-age classes. Read more about each program: