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Middle School Program

7th and 8th grade (Ages 12-14)

Our Middle School program integrates the most current research on the developmental needs of early adolescents and the wisdom of Montessori philosophy. The curriculum is aligned with Illinois Common Core Standards but embraces a flexible, personalized approach to learning.

The Middle School curriculum is focused on interdisciplinary themes and incorporates cooperative learning projects and community service. Learning extends beyond the classroom with travel throughout the city and beyond. Students conduct in-depth exploration of diverse subjects in a community-driven environment. Our Middle School teachers are expert guides, helping students navigate complex academic topics while promoting their independence and respecting their autonomy.  

Middle School Students in Science Lab Dissecting a Fish

The adolescent student is an active, self-directed learner and a vital member of the teacher-student-parent team. The Middle School classroom is a challenging but supportive learner-centered environment where the adolescent student can thrive. Independence and accountability are fostered as students set their own goals, develop personal learning plans, and conduct self-assessments. Community is also a central theme as students work collaboratively on long-term projects and practice thoughtful dialogue, debate, and consensus building. 

Middle School Girl Studying in Montessori Classroom
Middle School Boy at Graduation

The goal of our Middle School program is to give students the knowledge and skills needed to excel in high school, achieve their personal vision for their future, and make a positive impact on the world. Our students are academically prepared and have the self-confidence and intrinsic motivation needed to succeed. Because they have mastered a second language, Intercultural students are uniquely poised to participate in the global community in meaningful ways!

The Middle School day is from 8am – 3:15pm with extended day available until 5:30pm.