Primary Program

Preschool to Kindergarten (Ages 3-6)

Maria Montessori called this the age of self-construction.

During the primary learning cycle, children build and refine their physical coordination and construct their intellect. Through practical life activities like pouring, sewing, and scrubbing, children develop fine and gross motor coordination. They learn how to concentrate and develop confidence and independence.

Dr. Montessori described the way children ages 3-6 learn is like a sponge. They absorb knowledge with all their senses. Sensorial activities like the pink tower teach sequencing which lays the foundation for mathematical thinking. The primary math curriculum develops the mathematical mind as children learn precision, logic, analysis and classification. Strong concrete experience in the formative years help students develop the problem solving and critical thinking skills needed for higher level mathematics. 

Language and literacy are integrated into all areas of the primary curriculum. Children develop a diverse and wide-reaching vocabulary in English and the target language (Chinese, Spanish or Japanese). Practical life and sensorial activities give children the coordination to write. Students master the phonetic composition of words with the moveable alphabet. They learn to sound out words, and as their curiosity for literature grows, reading begins. Self-expression is encouraged, setting the foundation for analysis and creative writing. 

Music, art, and cultural subjects are part of students’ daily experience and are woven throughout the curriculum. All activities are designed to nurture self-confidence, concentration, and independence. Students learn how to be part of a community by practicing respect toward one another and the environment.

Primary students enjoy a social lunchtime with teachers and friends, daily time outside and nourishing snacks. The youngest primary students nap in the afternoon according to their developmental needs.

The primary school day is from 8am – 12:30pm (half day) or 8am – 3pm (full day) with extended day available until 6pm.