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Get to know us.

Curious about our unique academic program? The best way to learn about our school is to attend a Remote Information Session. During this session you’ll learn more about the amazing things happening in our classrooms every day.


Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions. This is information on the Benefits of a Bilingual Education.

We offer rolling, year-round admissions.

Enrollment Steps:

We like to keep the admissions process simple and transparent so we can focus on what’s important – our students! 
Follow these simple steps to join our school community:

1. Inquire about our School and Attend a Remote Information Session

2. Apply Online by creating an account here

3. Schedule a Student Observation

4. Complete a Parent Interview

Our students emerge bilingual, biliterate, and academically prepared for the rigor of high school and beyond!

The community at Intercultural is fabulous! We appreciate seeing the same faces and getting to know other families. It’s also been wonderful to see how good a fit Montessori education is for both of our children, despite their being two very unique individuals.

Aubrie Hesla