Policies & Procedures

Rolling Admissions

Intercultural Montessori does offer rolling admissions, subject to availability. If a program becomes fully enrolled we may begin a waiting pool for that program.

Sibling Priority

Siblings of currently enrolled students have priority consideration. If the applicant’s sibling withdrew from the school before graduating from the 8th grade (Chicago campus) or Kindergarten (Oak Park campus), the applicant is not considered a sibling and does not have priority.

Classroom Balance

Although we make the lottery process as democratic as possible, we also strive for classroom balance in the categories of language experience, Montessori experience, age, and gender. We sometimes have to pull more than one name from the waiting pool if we need a child in with a particular characteristic to create classroom balance. If you can be flexible about your choice of target language or which campus you prefer, please let us know so we can take that into consideration.

Application for Future Years

If an available spot does not open up for your child for the year you apply for, you may roll your application over to the following year without additional fees.

Dismissal from the School

Any child accepted into the program may be dismissed from the school if they are not able to benefit from our program, if they are disruptive, if they have special needs that go beyond what our resources are equipped to handle, or if members of their family are not a suitable fit for the Intercultural community. This decision is solely the discretion of the Executive Director and the Board of Directors.


Feel free to Contact Us with any questions or for more information.