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While we hope that all of our amazing students remain at Intercultural through 8th grade, sometimes families move and have to leave our school community. One of our families recently moved from Chicago to Atlanta, Georgia. After reflecting on their educational experience, they reached out to us to share some feedback about how Intercultural had been a nurturing learning environment for their son. 

 “Our son has been at his new school for 3 weeks. He is adjusting great at his new school and making new friends. But every day after morning bus drop off, his dad and I talk about how much we miss Intercultural. We miss the amazing and dedicated teachers, the language immersion and the value of what a Montessori education brought to our son. While at Intercultural we thought knew the value of the language immersion, but it is now, that we truly understand what our son is missing. We also worry that his spark for learning is slowly dying. His new school follows a more traditional approach to teaching and so isn’t able to take deeper dives on topics that he is truly interested in or review materials that he may need extra time.  He tells us how he sits at his desk day dreaming or sneaking a book to read while the teachers go through the lessons (because the material the class is covering, he’s already had at Intercultural).

I know our son’s confidence and true love of learning grew from the opportunities and environment provided to him by his teachers. He would not be the child he is today without the true partnership of his school and his teachers. We also know that at Intercultural, we tackled issues with him individually and without generalizations. I don’t think that I ever received a response like ‘don’t worry Mom, all 4th graders behave like this.’” 

This family is missed by our school community, but we know their son will continue to thrive in his new learning environment!
After Intercultural