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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, December 16, 2022

Alina Choy Krieg has issued her debut novel, The Spirit Hunters, and it is a thrillride! She tells the story of Brianna Davis, an ordinary girl, who has a life changing experience. The story is haunting and captivating and follows Bri as she navigates the world of ‘Spirit Hunters’. Thanks to avid and discerning YA readers, the reviews have been glowing. The book is available on Kindle and in paper and hardcover on Amazon.

The writing process began when Alina, now a High School freshman, was 12 years old. Though fluent in Chinese Mandarin, and conversant in German, she opted to write her first novel in English, as she has more experience using the language socially. She is a clear and articulate writer. The characters come to life and her use of realistic dialogue is incredible. Alina’s parents credit her ability to think creatively and abstractly and express her artistry through languages is due in no small part to her 11 years at Intercultural.

Writing a novel at such a young age is no easy feat. As a committed and serious writer, Alina spent nearly two years on the task. Having accomplished all that she has, she advises other young authors  “…just enjoy writing. Don’t think about what will sell, what will be popular. Think about what you love to write, whatever makes you excited just thinking about it, and then write that. It’s so much more enjoyable and worth it if the story comes from the heart and not a place of fear and criticism.”

Previous alumni, Arianna Oyuela’21 wrote Villain and A Place Without Stars and Gabriela Liang ‘20, wrote Dystopia and Those Who Smile the Brightest. These novels were published through an Open Books program called Publishing Academy. 

About Intercultural:

Intercultural Montessori Language School is a private, non-profit, dual-language Montessori school for students age 2 through the 8th grade. With a campus in Oak Park and Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood, this school provides dual-language education in Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and English.


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