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Parents play a vital role in supporting their children’s education. However, sometimes it can be challenging for schools to communicate their needs effectively and for parents to understand what is asked of them. That is why the Development Committee has created a calendar of asks to address both financial and volunteer requests of parents.

The Development Committee is a group of individuals responsible for overseeing the fundraising efforts of our school. Our committee works to raise funds that support Intercultural’s programs and activities that enhance the learning experience of students. However, fundraising is not the only responsibility of the Development Committee. The committee is also responsible for engaging parents in volunteering activities that help to support the school’s programs.

To make it easier for parents to understand the school’s needs and how they can support their children’s education, the Development Committee has created a calendar of asks. This list outlines the school’s financial and volunteer needs throughout the school year. By providing parents with a clear understanding of what is needed and when, the committee hopes to make it easier for parents to contribute and support the school. The committee also hopes that the calendar will make it easier for the school to meet its financial and volunteer goals, ultimately enhancing the learning experience of students.

Below is the document, which we hope will be a useful resource.