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Chinese New Year Presentation – Chicago Campus 1/29/2014
January 29, 2014


Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

As we all know tomorrow is the Chinese New Year’s Eve festival and in Chinese tradition, all families anxiously rush home to have a reunion dinner.

To celebrate this event, children will be served lunch in school tomorrow at 11:30 am by Ms. Sharon and Ms. Hsin-Hui. You do not need to provide a lunch for your child on this day.

The lunch will be ordered from Sweet Station in Chinatown. The menu includes: Fried noodles, fried rice, General Taso’s chicken, spring rolls, dumplings and sweet rice cake.

Children of Heping community will be doing a presentation on Chinese New Year for the entire school on Friday, January 31st. The children can come dressed in traditional Chinese attire. If your child doesn’t own Chinese attire, we encourage he/she to wear red clothing.

Thank you and we wish you a very happy Chinese New Year.

Ms. Sharon and Ms. Hsin-hui