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Elementary and Middle School Chinese students Chicago sister school with Chongwen Century City Experimental School

Intercultural recently established a sister school partnership with Chongwen Century City Experimental School in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, China. A sister school is a unique partnership that fosters collaboration and exchange between educational institutions. In this case, it creates a special bond between our elementary and middle school chinese communities in Chicago and the students of Chongwen Century City Experimental School. 

Chovan Century City Experimental School, situated in the picturesque city of Hangzhou, draws inspiration from the historical legacy of Chovan Academy dating back to 1599. Established in 2018, the school embodies the motto “advocating culture and esteeming ethics.” It aspires to be recognized as “first-class in Zhejiang Province and well-known in China.” A defining characteristic is its unique approach to the “reconstruction of learning time and space.” Currently, the school hosts 41 classes from 1st to 6th grade, with 1287 students and 98 teachers. For an exclusive sneak peek of the school, explore the captivating pictures here.

Our upper elementary and middle school Chinese students have been connecting through Zoom meetings, fostering friendships that will eventually lead to school-to-school visits. During our first meeting, the theme was holidays. Students in China presented on the Lunar New Year. Meanwhile, our middle school students covered Thanksgiving and Christmas. It warmed our hearts to hear them ask and answer questions, sending each other best wishes in both languages. We’re excited about the cultural exchange and learning opportunities this partnership will continue to bring.