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This year in the Upper Elementary community, we are doing a three-month project that we call the Cultural Fair. Each student picks a topic to do inspired by art, English language arts, American history, and social studies. The sixth graders can research whatever they wish. 

One of the student’s topic is: “How the Attack at the Twin Towers Has Changed the New York Landscape”. Another is researching Barack Obama’s connection with the City of Chicago. I am researching the Molly Maguires and Frank McAndrew who protested against unfair wages and conditions in the coal mines. All of Upper Elementary will be presenting their projects on April 17th. 


Now I am going to tell you about the steps we are taking:


1: The first step that we did was to choose our topic.

2: After that we picked our resources from books, websites, articles, and interviews.

3: Then we took our notes from the resources.

4: Currently most of us are working on our rough drafts

5: Lastly, we ask Ms. Beata to edit our rough draft then make our final draft. 


For each step, there are specific expectations, and we earn points. You can even get extra credit; the fourth graders can earn extra credit by adding the Table of Contents. The fifth graders have the Bibliography. Lastly the sixth graders will earn extra points by adding endnotes. 

Yet, the most important part of this project is to pick something you want to learn about and research. You should have fun learning about something you picked. You can act out a character, make a big model, or just create a poster board with your essay. We are excited to present our knowledge to the families and friends in the Upper Elementary community at the end of April.