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The Dock

Locomotion. Learning. Life Skills.

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Why is this Project so Important?

Intercultural needs a space that is easily accessible and safe for students to play. The Dock will provide a playground in our building. It is a space that can be used by all Intercultural students.
Younger students will spend less time walking to and from the park and more time playing. Older students will have a space for creative projects as well as gross motor activity.
The space is covered, making it the perfect space for rainy and snowy days.

Why should I contribute?

Your support is needed for this project to take place. Many generous donors have already stepped up to support the project but we need many more to make it a reality. The sooner we meet our fundraising goal, the sooner this project will become a reality.
Your contribution will directly impact current Intercultural students and it will impact future students for years to come. This is a great opportunity to be part of something wonderful and needed!
The Montessori approach encourages students to conduct a process in assessing an issue or problem and to look for solutions that can be self-directed. This approach is also one that Intercultural Montessori Language Schools administration takes to heart.

Every Gift Matters

Every gift brings us closer to our goal! Your contribution will directly impact Intercultural students for years to come.

Intercultural is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

Pledges can be paid by 12/31/2022

All donors will be recognized

We have received personal gifts from School Leadership, alumni and current families, as well as 100% participation from our Board of TrusteesWe are asking for your support to reach the goal of $250,000 and make this project a reality. Please pledge today!

Thank you to our Donors!

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