Elementary, Intercultural Montessori Chicago Campus

Elementary IOWA Testing 2016 – 3rd-6th Grade
March 17, 2016

Dear Parents,


As you know Intercultural tests students from second grade to sixth grade. This yeartesting will take place from Monday, April 11th until Friday, April 15th, and during this time students will be taking the IOWA standardized tests. The purpose of this letter is to give you an understanding of these tests. It will also give you a few ideas for helping your child to do his/her best on this test.


The IOWA tests for students from 3rd to 6th Grade involve a complete battery oftesting. This means that students will be tested in a range of subjects which will be broken down into the following areas:


Reading Vocabulary: This test measures reading vocabulary

Reading Comprehension: Assesses students’ development in reading comprehension or understanding what she/he reads

Reading Total: A significant number of questions require that students infer meanings and interpret what they have read. Both sentence comprehension and story comprehension are evaluated in this test. The reading total is a compilation of the reading sub tests.



Spelling: This assesses the student’s ability to recognize the correct letters used in words in the proper order

Capitalization, Punctuation, Usage & Expression: Assesses a student’s ability to recognize the proper use of some of the conventions of standard written English.

Language Total: The language total is a compilation of the language sub tests.



Math Concepts: This includes number properties and operations, numerical patterns, using and interpreting operational and relational symbols, identifying geometric properties and patterns, measurement and algebraic expression

Math problems: This includes solving problems and interpreting data from graphs and tables

Math Computation: This includes addition, subtraction, multiplication or division

Math Total: This total is a compilation of the math sub tests.



Mathematics, Reading and Language: This is an average of the reading total, language, and math total.



Social Studies: Skills associated with the social studies curriculum content skills in history, geography, economics, and government are included

Science: Skills associated with the science curriculum. Content skills in scientific inquiry, life science, physical science and earth & space science are included.

Sources of Information: The skills for this test include asking students to use resources in order to obtain information. Some of the content/process skills include maps and diagrams, locating information, interpreting information, and using reference materials.


COMPOSITE: This score is an average of the reading total, word analysis, listening, language, math total, social studies, science, and sources of information.


As a parent the most important ways in which you can support your child will include the following please make sure they:

  • Get to bed early the night before to be well-rested on the day of the test
  • Have a good breakfast on the morning of the test
  • Are reminded to give their best effort on the test as it is important but not a cause for concern
  • Arrive at school on time.
Thank you for supporting your child and our school during this test. Please contact Ms. Mehreen or me if you have any questions.


Edina McGivern
Intercultural Montessori Language School