Extra-Curricular Activities Thursday and Friday
March 25, 2014

Dear Parents,

As you know, parent/teacher conferences originally scheduled for Thursday, March 27th and Friday, March 28th of this week were cancelled to allow Intercultural to make-up the snow days we encountered this past winter.  Parent/teacher conferences are being handled on a class-by-class basis and you will be contacted by Ms. Mehreen Alvi soon regarding the rescheduling of conferences.

The extra-curricular calendar was made according to our original school calendar.  Therefore, extra-curricular classes occurring on Thursday and Friday of this week were not scheduled.  If your child is enrolled in Chess Scholars, Martial Arts, or Robotcity , you may have already received an email reminding you that there are NO extra-curricular activities this Thursday and Friday.  

These providers have scheduled an additional class at the end of the term to make-up for this week.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact smanner@nullinerculturalmonessori.org or your extra-curricular provider.  We would be happy to assist you. 


Shawn Manner

Operations and Academic Programs