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Halloween Day at Intercultural – Oak Park
October 28, 2014

This Friday is Halloween Day. Every year Intercultural Montessori gives students the opportunity to show their Halloween costumes off to friends at school. On this day students may bring their costumes and a treat for everyone in their class to share (optional). Please observe the following guidelines:


  • Students will celebrate Halloween in their classroom in the morning. 
  • Teachers have requested that students who wish to wear costumes bring them to school in a labeled bag. Any and all costume pieces should also be labeled. 
  • Teachers will help students put on and take off their costumes in the morning. Students will not wear their costumes throughout the day. 
  • The costume should be something that can be easily worn over your child’s regular clothing.
  • Please do not send your child with high heels, weapons, face paint, makeup, or masks. Please leave all additional accessories at home as the school is not responsible for lost items.


Treat bags:

  • Your child may share candy or treat bags with their classmates on this day. Please do not label the bags with specific names. Make sure all candy is “peanut” and “nut” free. We will not be able to hand out any food items which have nuts as an ingredient.
  •  Candy and treat bags brought by students will be handed out when the students have put on their costumes and the Halloween festivities in the classroom begin, however, treats will not be consumed at school. Instead treats will be sent home with your child in a bag for parents to distribute. Students will be given a bag from the school to keep their treats which they will bring home.  Please remind your child that candy and treats are to be taken home and not to be eaten at school.
  • Only send enough treats for the children in your child’s class. See the following list for the number of children in each classroom, (this includes your child).

Los Hijos del Sol: 21

Xile: 10

Sor Juana: 19

Fu Wa: 11


We look forward to seeing some fun costumes this year!!