Intercultural Montessori Oak Park Campus

Important Announcement About Avoiding Allergy Reactions at School
January 10, 2014

This letter is to inform you that unfortunately one of our students had an allergic reaction to a snack which was brought in to the school. The package stated that it was a “Greek yogurt coated with apple berry granola”. The student was allergic to peanut and nowhere on the front of the packaging was there any indication that this snack contained peanut. However, at the back of the packaging an allergic warning was printed stating: “Contains soy and milk. Produced on equipment that also process tree nuts, peanuts and wheat.” 
This highlights the extreme importance of examining the ingredients of all snacks brought in to the school. Please make sure that you read the fine print on all food products which will serve as a communal snack. As you know, some students have allergic reaction which could be potentially life-threatening. I am pleased to state that the student is doing well. Staff members were quick to administered the epipen provided by the parents. Additionally, 911 was contacted and the paramedics showed up within a matter of minutes.

As reminder, if your child has an allergy reaction, please ensure that you provide an epipen to the school. We appreciate your support in making sure we all provide a safe school environment.

Oak Park Administration