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Intercultural – Chicago Winter/Spring Extracurricular Activities
December 11, 2013

With the holidays and the beginning of a new year approaching fast, we would like to wish all our families a safe, happy, and restful break.  It is time, again, to look forward to extra-curricular programming at Intercultural. 


Attached are the flyers for each of the outside providers (click on the blue text below). You are asked to communicate directly with them in order to sign your child up for the programs. The flyers outline all the information you need to know. Please sign up no later than Monday, December 30, 2013.


The Chicago extra-curricular activities take place on the following days:

  • Mondays – Pocket Circus  (classes begin Monday, January 13)
  • Tuesdays – Matisse, Monet & Me (classes begin Tuesday, January 14)
  • Tuesdays – (NEW) Chicago City Soccer (primary and elementary classes begin Tuesday, January 14)
  • Wednesdays – (NEW) Chicago City Soccer (elementary only – classes begin Wednesday, January 15)
  • Thursdays – Chess Club (classes begin Thursday, January 23)
  • Fridays – (NEW) RobotCity (classes begin Friday, January 24)
  • Monday through Friday – Private piano and/or guitar lessons with Jonathan Kotulski (classes begin January 13)
  • Monday through Thursday – Private piano lessons with San-Nan Chen (classes begin Monday, January 13)


Pocket Circus 

Matisse, Monet & Me 

Chicago City Soccer 

Chess Club 

RobotCity Workshop 

Piano & Guitar with Jonathan Kotulski

Piano with San-Nan Chen 



We look forward to seeing all of you in the New Year!



Chicago Administration

Intercultural Montessori Language School