Health and Safety

Intercultural Montessori Language School Notice
March 7, 2016

                                                Intercultural Montessori Language School
                                         Safety During Parent Drop-off and Pick-up 
Dear Parents,
I would like to remind everyone of several key safety issues concerning dropping off and picking up students at the school.  Please be aware that transition times – the period during which students are arriving and leaving the building – require a heightened awareness regarding safety. These are the moments in the day when our staff are keenly vigilant about the children’s location and safety throughout the school. During the main arrival and dismissal times, Intercultural staff are directly involved with all procedures. However, if you are dropping off or picking up your child outside of the staff-assisted main arrival and dismissal times, there are a few key points that you should be aware of regarding safety.
Please note the following:
Dropping off your child outside of the main arrival time
The main lobby of 114 S. Racine is a public space shared by both the building tenants and the school.  This is a common use area and not part of the actual school. Therefore, please be aware that Intercultural’s staff is not supervising any unescorted children who enter the school through the main lobby door after arrival time. If your child is arriving later in the morning, please plan to accompany them through the lobby to the school door. Then, ring the bell and hand your child over to the care of an Intercultural staff member. Unescorted children in the main lobby may encounter other adults who are entering and leaving the building and who are not our employees.
Picking up your child after the main dismissal time
As you know, after the academic school day has ended parents come into the building to pick up their child. However, it is important to remember that once a parent has removed their child from the care of the After Care teacher they are no longer under the supervision of Intercultural’s staff. Therefore, when you are picking up from After Care, please make sure that your child does not wander away from you. It is import that you attend to your child at all times when picking them up at the end of the day.
Opening up the school doors at Intercultural is only permitted by adults
While our staff works hard to ensure that families find Intercultural a safe and comfortable environment, please be aware that fire safety demands that all our exterior doors can be easily opened.  In compliance with the Chicago fire code, our doors are not locked from the inside.  Therefore, any child could push open an exterior door and leave the building without assistance from an adult. All students are told that opening these doors is only permitted by an adult. In addition, your child spends the day at Intercultural under constant supervision from teachers and staff.
As a safety precaution, we inform students that only an adult may open the school doors.  I would request that you impart the same instructions to your child when they are in your care and have not left the school building. By reinforcing our school rule, you do not run the risk of having your child leave the building unaccompanied.
Please feel free to contact the school with any questions about our safety policies, and I greatly appreciate your cooperation.
Edina McGivern

Executive Director
Intercultural Montessori Language School