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Intercultural School Closure, January 6, 2014
January 5, 2014

Dear Parents,

Intercultural has cancelled school for Monday, January 6 due to the predicted extremely frigid weather conditions.

The National Weather Service is forecasting dangerously cold weather and hazardous travel conditions for Monday, January 6. This includes predicted temperatures as low as 40-50 degrees below zero with the wind chill.  

Additionally, according to the National Weather Service Wind Chill Chart, which you can access by clicking here, it will take approximately 10 minutes for frostbite to set in such extremely low temperatures. With this in mind, it is prudent to avoid spending any extended time outside when at all possible.  

Intercultural will monitor the challenges resulting from this inclement weather, and over the next 24 hours we will update all families on the school’s status for Tuesday, January 7.

Please stay safe and warm.

Best regards,

Edina McGivern

Executive Director

Intercultural Montessori Language School