Intercultural’s Kindergarteners to Visit Elementary
February 7, 2014

During the period of February 17th to March 20th, this year’s Kindergartners will be invited to visit Intercultural’s elementary program. Your child’s teachers will prepare your child for the visit, which the children await with great anticipation. 

The Kindergarten students will receive a “formal” invitation from their elementary friends, and be paired with a “mentor” from elementary. This is an opportunity for elementary students to practice their advanced social skills while introducing their young friends to the world of elementary.

  • Spanish Program Kindergartners – will be visiting either Ms. Alejandra and Ms. Shweta’s Don Quixote classroom community or Ms. Diana and Ms. Stephanie’s Paulo Freire classroom community.
  • Chinese Program Kindergartners – will be visiting Ms. Hsin-Hui and Ms. Sharon’s Heping classroom community.

Visits to the elementary program will take place during the morning and only one or two Kindergarten students will be visiting at a time.

Please contact Rod Shaw to schedule your child’s visit at 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

Elizabeth Rodriguez

Academic Program Coordinator