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Mission & Philosophy

We’re deeply committed to our Mission:

Intercultural Montessori develops confident, multicultural, multilingual children who respect diversity and community and who are caring, capable, enthusiastic, and committed to a lifetime of learning.


Our vision is to inspire children to become citizens of the world. Intercultural Montessori develops students who speak a second language and thrive in culturally diverse environments. Our students emerge with the skills and passion to positively impact the global community.


Our unique educational philosophy combines language learning with Montessori education. Students are immersed in language and culture while benefiting from the individualized, child-centered Montessori approach. Both language learning and Montessori education develop children into curious independent learners. This powerful combination develops students who are bilingual and biliterate, prepared for the rigors of high school and beyond.

Our students are citizens of the world!

Young girl working in Montessori Classroom