Summer Culture Camp

Intercultural’s summer culture camp is open to Intercultural students, as well as children who are not enrolled during the regular academic school year.

Intercultural’s summer culture camp has the same teachers, classrooms, structure, and educational philosophy as our regular academic year programs. However, since camp is open to outside families, there is usually a wider range of language experience among the children, and teachers may use a bit more English in order to accommodate that. Teacher vacations are scheduled during the summer months, so we can’t always provide all languages every week of the summer. The summer is the perfect time to keep the focus on fun, so we may include special programming like swimming, field trips, and special assemblies.

Intercultural’s summer culture camp does not require parents to apply for admission. All families who register before the May 1st deadline will be enrolled in camp.

Intercultural Montessori Chicago Campus 2019 Summer Registration and Information packet

Intercultural Montessori Oak Park Campus 2019 Summer Registration packet

If you have any questions, Please contact admission by email at (Chicago campus) or Park campus)