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2020 – 2021 was a school year to remember. 

Kindergarten Graduation
Intercultural just wrapped up our 2020-21 school year, and while it was a very different year, it was also an incredible year! When we look back, we will remember the amazing commitment to safety and community that was shown by students, staff and families.
This successful school year culminated in our recent Kindergarten and Eighth Grade Graduation ceremonies, which were a true reflection of our diverse and special school community. Together we celebrated the accomplishments of our students and the unique multicultural environment of our school.
Kindergarten Graduation multicultural performane
Kindergarten Graduation multicultural performane

Kindergarten graduates perform the song “Que canten los niños” (Let the children sing). Joyful cultural performances are always a highlight of our graduation events.

Montessori Kindergarten Graduates
Montessori Middle School Graduates

Kindergarten Graduates with their Teachers at our Oak Park Campus.

Two of our 2021 8th Grade Graduates with their teacher.

Our graduates are prepared to make the word a better place.

Not only are they confident and capable, they are caring young citizens of the world!