Intercultural Montessori Chicago Campus

Summer After School Extracurricular Activities
June 18, 2014

Dear Parents,
It is our pleasure to announce that Intercultural is hosting extracurricular activities as part of our summer after school programming. The extracurricular activities will begin the week of June 9.
In order to sign up for these activities you are requested to contact the Outside Service Provider directly.
Please find the attached flyers for each extracurricular activity which will give descriptions, dates, time and cost.
Our summer extracurricular activities take place on the following days:
Tuesdays – Matisse, Monet, & Me
classes begin Tuesday, June 10th
Monday through Wednesday- sessions 1, 4, 5 only – Private Piano Lessons
with Ms. San-Nan Chen (by appointment)
classes begin Monday, June 9th
Monday through Friday – sessions 2 through 5 only– Private Piano/Guitar Lessons
with Mr. Jonathan Kotulski (by appointment)
classes begin Tuesday, June 24th 
Chicago Administration
Intercultural Montessori Language School