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Upper Elementary Evening for Chicago Elementary Parents
December 12, 2014

Intercultural Montessori Language School would like to invite you to our Montessori Upper Elementary Education night for our elementary Parents. The one hour event is designed to inform our future parents about  Intercultural’s Upper Elementary Dual Language Montessori program.


It is the culmination of the three-year Montessori lower elementary cycle; this is the time when the five to seven years of dual-language training starts to pay off. It is also a time when children’s confidence and leadership skills come together and become permanent.


You have made an important investment in your child’s future with your commitment to a dual-language Montessori education, so that the seeds planted in lower elementary have the time they need to grow and blossom.


This event is scheduled at our Chicago campus on Thursday, January 22nd from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm.


Child care will be provided for a $10 fee per family, and includes pizza for the children.


We are looking forward to see you!



Please R.S.V.P to Mehreen Alvi at by Monday, January 12th.





Edina McGivern

Executive Director