Walk-A-Thon Cupcake Fundraiser
October 21, 2015

9th Annual Walk-A-Thon & Carnival
Dear Parents,
Intercultural’s Walk-A-Thon is right around the corner and we are looking for volunteers.  We need 10 families to volunteer to bring  cupcake decorations for our cupcake decorating booth at the carnival.
As we have done in previous Walk-A-Thons, the idea is for the children to have fun while decorating  cupcakes together with their friends.
(We will need the volunteers to bring the cupcake decorations on Wednesday, October 21st to the Oak Park or the Chicago Campus)
We need 5 volunteer families to donate:
  • 1 can of vanilla frosting and 3 kinds of sprinkles
We need 5 volunteer families to donate:
  • 1 can of chocolate frosting and 2 large bags of loose NUT FREE candy (ie. Plain M&M’s, Skittles, Gummy’s, Life Savers, Chocolate Chips, Candy Corn)
If you would like to volunteer, please contact Daisy Loeza via email or call 708-848-6626.


Thank you for your cooperation!


Intercultural Montessori Language School